Debbie M. Schaum

Meteorological Education

Debbie M. Schaum is an Associate Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the world’s largest, fully accredited university specializing in aviation and aerospace. She is also a retired Air Force major and a meteorologist with 39 years of experience. Ms. Schaum is highly regarded as an expert in aviation meteorology. For the past two decades, she has taught at Embry-Riddle and developed a curriculum that teaches fundamental concepts through real-life scenarios that address weather-related situations encountered by air crews.

Ms. Schaum began her career in the United States Air Force as a meteorologist. While on active duty she was also worked at Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) headquarters where she created a scholarship program for students. Ms. Schaum spent 17 years in the Air Force and understands firsthand the challenges facing women who are traditionally underrepresented in the fields of aviation and meteorology. She strives to open doors for them by serving as a role model, being vocal about the importance of women in the science professions, and demonstrating the real-world applications of math and science to middle school students.

Ms. Schaum’s transition from the Air Force to teaching at Embry-Riddle allowed her to make the most of her military experience and knowledge of meteorology and aviation. When faced with obstacles in the Air Force, she found a way to overcome them and learned that the key to success was never giving up. This discipline and determination continues to propel Ms. Schaum toward excellence in all her pursuits and especially in the classroom setting. In addition to teaching, she volunteers at local schools and mentors foster children and the physically challenged.

Ms. Schaum received a Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Missouri System, Columbia, and a Master’s degree in Management from Webster University.

Ms. Schaum enjoys hosting international exchange students and appreciates the lasting friendships she has made in the process.